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Secondi Piatti

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Secondi Piatti

Tortelloni Ricotta & Spinaci (V) £10.95
Large rings of fresh pasta filled with ricotta, spinach in cream/tomato sauce, wild mushrooms

Fazzoletti Villino (V) £10.95
Square shaped pasta pockets filled with Porcini, pecorino cheese in cream white wine, lemon zest

Pollo Caffelatte Paniere (gf without basket) £14.95
Pan fried chicken breast in a cream sauce with mushrooms, white wine served in a filo pastry basket

Salmone allo Zafferano (gf) £14.95
Lightly grilled Scotch salmon fillet served with saffron sauce

Filetto di Maiale £14.95
Pan-fried pork tenderloin in red wine sauce,prunes, wild cherries

Brodetto di Pesce gf £14.95
A rich fish stew of diced mixed fresh fish cooked in tomato sauce, white wine & Med herbs

Sea Bass alle Erbe (gf) £14.95
Pan-fried fresh Sea Bass fillets with watercress, butter & white wine

Pescespada Erbe Mediteranee £16.95
Pan fried fresh Swordfish steak topped with garlic, sundried tomatoes & herb crust

Petto d'Anatra al Vin Santo £16.95
Pan fried Cressingham Duck breast with medium sweet red wine sauce

Brasato di Carni Miste £16.95
Slow braised diced beef, veal & wildboar in red wine with wild mushrooms and fruit of the forrest

Bistecca ai Tre Pepi £17.95
Scotch Rib Eye steak in a red wine & cream sauce with crushed mixed peppercorns(this cut is known to have more marble, grizzle than any other cut which adds a distinct flavour to the steak)

Cacciagione al Vino Rosso £17.95
Slices of Venison in red wine sauce with Porcini wild mushrooms

Side orders

Vegetali Misti di Stagione £3.50
Mixed seasonal vegetable
Patate Saltate con Cipolle £3.50
Oven baked Baby potatoes with onions
Insalata Mediterranea £3.50
Mixed Mediterranean Salad
Marinated Olives £3.00
Extra bread per basket £1.50
Balsamic/Extra Virgin Olive Oil Dip £1.50