Il Camino
Il Camino Re4staurant


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Pannacotta gf £6.95
A very light & delicate set dessert served with coulis

Creme brulee gf £6.95
Strawberry & Champagne flavoured Brule topped with caramelized sugar

Profitteroles al Cioccolato £6.95
Profitteroles filled with creama pasticcera topped with chocolate sauce

Tiramisu £6.95
A traditional Italian dessert made layers of sponge dipped in coffee/Frangelico and layers of Mascarpone cheese/cream

Gelato rustico £6.95
Homemade ice cream (ask for today's flavour)

Trio di dolci £8.95
A tasting of three selected desserts: creme brulee, pannacotta & tiramisu

Cheese & biscuits £8.95

Tea & Filter Coffee £2.50
Espresso £2.50
Cappuccino £3.50
Caffe latte £3.50
English Tea & Earl Grey £2.50